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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Train: Trains, Buses, Bikes and Plan C

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

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So, you've got Plan A. And in case something goes awry with Plan A, you've got your fallback plan, Plan B.

But what if the fit really hits the shan? What if all the assumptions that lie behind your planning turn out to be false. Things are far worse than ever contemplated in Plan A and Plan B? That's when you turn to your Plan C, your Plan in case of Complete Catastrophe. In the event of a complete catastrophe, all of the polite fictions of the normal planning process go out the window. Which also means that Plan C is quite often the answer to, "Oh, now what do we do?, and the answer is, "Come up with something that will work "

So, we have a crisis. A serious crisis, affecting our current transport system, which means a crisis that at the very least interferes with our supply of gasoline. But we have the Petroleum Reserve, so ... assume its not a temporary emergency, but a crisis that threatens to last for years. Whether the Crisis hits next year or next decade, well, I don't know that, do I? But suppose that its coming sometime in the next decade.

What would we face in coming up with something that will work?

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D. P. Lubic said...

Recalling WW II and the efforts of the railroads to back our armed forces and our nation:




Have fun--and it's too bad I can't put this up at "Agent Orange," for some reason; I think your audience there might appreciate these.

BruceMcF said...

Thanks, I'll be using those for an upcoming Steel Interstate diary.

D. P. Lubic said...

Thanks, Bruce, glad you can use them.

Don't know if these may be of use, but here is some more material for your vintage railroad film library.









Have fun.