Populist movements don't build themselves ...

... It doesn't matter what the "horse race" outcome of the campaign is, if we fight the campaign. Fighting it, we learn how to fight. Learning how to fight political battles, we become citizens again. Becoming citizens again, we reclaim the Republic that lies dormant beneath the bread and circuses of modern American society.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Comment at ProgressiveBlue: What's Latin for While I Breath, I Organize'?

Original post at Progressive Blue:
   My New Years Resolution "Dum Spiro Spero" by RDemocrat.

I'm not an organizer. Hell, I cannot organize myself, let alone organize a movement. But its the organizing that is the critical thing. Ever since electing a Hedge Fund Democrat became our best hope for the 2008 Presidential election, which was clearly the case quite early in 2008, our political organizing goal became building Progressive and Populist caucuses in the House, State Legislatures, City Councils, Country Boards, School Boards and etcetera.

While the right wingers focus on the Presidential election, and while the chatterers online chatter about the Presidential election, we still need to organize to the same end.

IMV, at the present point in time and with the present balance of power in the House, many State Legislatures ... hell, many School Boards ...

... fussing about what is happening in Presidential politics is like trying to build the roof on a house before we've laid the foundation.

So my hope is that there are the organizers who can train those who can be organizers in turn so that we can mobilize a progressive populist change coalition before its too late.

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